Sales Information: There is a myriad of Sales training material in the world today and to filter through it and find what you need, can be exhausting. The first area of sales information that sales-managers need, but more importantly, what a salesman needs, is to understand their own personality strengths and how to read their clients personality strengths.

Successful Sales People: They know what they want. They know how to get it. They know who they are, and they know where they are going. Successful sales people are highly motivated and are self-starters. But how do you become like this? How do you see the opportunity when know-one else can?

Building Great Sales Teams: Many companies are successful for many reasons, but the successful companies build great sales teams around them and develop their people with an expectation of achieving more. Have you ever thought why one company selling a product or service has a greater market share or influence in the market compared to their closest competitor? Why is this when their products, service and/or price are comparable? It’s the relationship that the sales person has with the client and the relationship they have within their sales team. They see each other as an extension to their own customer base and rely on each other for support, information and back up when needed.

Leadership: This is my favourite subject when it comes to sales. Let me put this in context for you. Leadership is about Influence. Sales are about Influence. To be a successful sales person, you must have the ability to influence your clients but not manipulate them to buy from you. There is a fine line and there are many, many sales people who manipulate the sales process, but unfortunately leave a lasting impression with the client and not always in a good way.