One of my favorite experiences in life is the opportunity to engage in public speaking events. Everyone has the potential to be an effective public speaker. There is no magic formula for success, in fact, the beauty of public speaking is that everyone is unique and has different strengths. All we have to do is prepare, cultivate our best habits, avoid pitfalls and let nature takes its course.

Public Speaking is about self confidence and your self belief to deliver a message and get a positive response. To be an engaging public speaker, you must first know your subject matter. Be confident in the product or service and stand by the conviction of your topic.

You only have a few minutes to capture your audience, so be sure to have an immediate impact on the subject matter to hold attention. Be sincere and honest when speaking, don’t move too far off topic, unless you have the skills to bring it back and maintain momentum.

Leave your audience fulfilled in the knowledge you have presented the facts and given them an insight into your presentation. Be engaging and if at all possible, bring a degree of humor into your speech as it makes the connection all more easy.

Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience.